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The crappy January/February movie release season continued with yet another ho-hum weekend for new movies, specifically the 4 films which opened this weekend, all of which managed to scrape up very little from the box-office. 50 FIRST DATES remained atop the heap during its second week of release, while the teen chick comedy CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN finished a long way off, in second place. The other three new movies, WELCOME TO MOOSEPORT, EUROTRIP and AGAINST THE ROPES, finished in 4th, 5th and 8th respectively, and couldn't muster more than $7M on their own in their opening weekend. To call this a crappy weekend, is being nice.

The heavily over-marketed (and at this point...annoying) COLD MOUNTAIN also dropped out of the top 10 this week, while the surprising MYSTIC RIVER moved up to 7th spot? THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT and RETURN OF THE KING also seem to be hanging on to their last top 10 weekends respectively, while Kurt Russell's MIRACLE continues to pull in some decent numbers. Next week sees the addition of a film that I've barely heard anything about of late (why no publicity on this? :) called THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST (opening on Wednesday), Ashley Judd and her firm behind in TWISTED (nice stretch, honey), those nutty nutters over at Broken Lizard and their latest called CLUB DREAD and a little something entitled DIRTY DANCING: HAVANA NIGHTS, which apparently includes a cameo by has-been actor and star of the original DIRTY DANCING, Patrick Swayze. March couldn't get here fast enough..

 1. 50 First Dates  $ 21.0 Million/ $ 72.3 Million
 2. Confessions of a..  $  9.2 Million/ New
 3. Miracle  $  8.0 Million/ $ 50.5 Million
 4. Welcome to Mooseport  $  7.0 Million/ New
 5. Eurotrip  $  6.6 Million/ New
 6. Barbershop 2  $  6.3 Million/ $ 53.2 Million
 7. Mystic River  $  3.1 Million/ $ 79.2 Million
 8. Against the Ropes  $  3.0 Million/ New
 9. The Butterfly Effect  $  2.9 Million/ $ 53.1 Million
 10. Return of the King  $  2.8 Million/ $ 361.1 Million


Source: Yahoo Movies
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