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A bunch of new pictures have popped up on the net over the past week, some cool, some..... meh. The first set are actually promo shots for SPIDERMAN 2 that give us some good looks at Web-Head and Doc Ock. Click your favorite mechanical limb for more.

Coming Soon landed some exclusive new images of Robert De Niro's GODSEND that kind of send some chills down the spine. That little boy is really starting to creep me out. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos wants you to click her on the head to see the rest. F*ck off kid!

Milla Jovovich is looking hot in her Cher hair in these new set shots from the futuristic vampire flick, ULTRAVIOLET in Hong Kong. Milla plays the title character who must protect a young boy from being murdered in the middle of a civil war between humans and vampires in the 21st century. Click the awkward looking chick on the right to see how flat a stomach can get.

Finally, three new pictures from the set of BE COOL have showed up at Latino Review. Nothing special here but it is kind of encouraging to see John Travolta looking somewhat cool again after his ridiculous love fest with Oprah a couple weeks ago. What? My wife was watching Oprah and I happened to walk by. A little side note; some of the cast were on the floor of the Staple Center last night during timeouts, filming some scenes for the movie. I wonder if they'll include the fact that my Kings slapped the Lakers again. Click DeVito's glossy cranium to see the others.

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