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Avi Arad recently gave the rundown of his company's comic book adaptations in a Marvel Enterprises conference call. This guy is busier than Paris Hilton in a room full of aspiring film makers. Superhero Hype has highlighted everything for us but be warned, I got lost half way through. Also be warned, I've been drinking since Thursday. Click here to read anything I missed. Here goes,

TV spots will start next week for The Punisher. Then in October of this year, the studio will also release Man-Thing. For 2005, Arad says Fantastic Four will be released in July. He mentioned they've got a great script and are now picking the right director. Elektra starts production this May, Iron Man starts production in the middle of the year for a November, 2005 release. Ghost Rider and Luke Cage are also targeted for 2005 by Sony Pictures.

Also in the works are X-Men 3 (2006), The Hulk 2 (2006), Namor (2006), The Punisher 2 (2006), Iron Fist, Black Widow and Deathlok. Namor he says is like "Star Wars underwater... a fascinating frontier". He compared it to "Jurassic Park" as something viewers have never seen before. They've got visual designs for the film already and are talking to directors for a 2006 release. The Hulk 2 will be much different than the first film. Arad referred to the sequel as the "light" version with it not being as heavy, or dramatic. Arad added that Sony and Marvel are aiming Spider-Man 3 for 2007. Marvel is also talking about bringing Captain America and Nick Fury to the big screen.

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