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There's four new sites that have been added to the web for your surfing pleasure. The first one isn't much yet, just a couple glimpses at the movie, the trailer, and a chance to sign up to the site. Expect more from THE STEPFORD WIVES as the release date (June 11th) moves a little closer. Click below to pay a visit.

The most entertaining of the group comes from the people over at the official SCOOBY DOO 2: MONSTERS UNLEASHED site. Lots of games, downloads, and pictures to pass the time. And yes, Velma is still hot. Click below for some Scooby snacks.

The last two sites are highly original and complex. By saying original and complex, what I really mean is completely annoying. Everyone should get a direction manual whenever one of these movies decides to go with these Flash sites that involves more guessing than actual exploring. The first is for I, ROBOT and you'll need a masters in science fiction site evaluation to make your way through. Try it for yourself by clicking below, I dare ya.

And the last one is simply just a hint at what sort of mind f*ck we're in for when we see ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND. I swear, I was on this site for five minutes and felt like the dumbest man in the world. That usually takes at least ten minutes. Try and figure out what's going on by clicking below.

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