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Charred Vader?


I guess I should label this as being a spoiler although most of you even remotely familiar with the STAR WARS universe should know what I'm gonna talk about is coming at the end of the film. But there is a picture attached, which you might not want to see. So if that's the case, avert ye eyes matey!

UPDATED! - Even more pics came in from the same sequence and they're posted below as well. The bottom two come from today's issue of Britain's The Sun. Enjoy!

Still here? Good cause this probably won't be up for very long knowing LucasFilm. But a good buddy sent along this pic. That my friend is Mr. Anakin Skywalker post-lava bath. As we know this is what Anakin looks like right before he dons the familiar black suit and becomes the Darth Vader we know and love. Pretty gruesome huh? I guess Lucas is living up to his word that EPISODE 3 will be one dark film...

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Source: JoBlo.com
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