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Paz de la Huerta gets naked and bloody in this NSFW concept art for Nurse 3D


Thank goodness for Paz de la Huerta ("Boardwalk Empire", ENTER THE VOID), an actress whose exhibition streak on camera (her character's name was 'Nude' in Jim Jarmusch's THE LIMITS OF CONTROL for goodness' sake) has made her a favorite of penises everywhere.

Luckily, it appears that the boners will continue, as the New York-born beauty is ready to get naked and bloody for director Douglas Aarniokoski's upcoming "psycho-sexual" thriller NURSE 3D. The film itself was inspired by photographs of "fantastical, sado-masochistic nurses" by Lionsgate Chief Marketing Officer Tim Palen, the very talented guy behind the striking images used for the SAW and HOSTEL promo campaigns. Here's more on the exploitative feature from a Lionsgate press release:

"In his original nurse photos and the fan conversation that ensued, Tim had clearly scratched the surface of a very great concept," says the studio's President of Production, Mike Paseornek. "The idea of a film noir depiction of a beautiful nurse who uses her sexuality to very severe ends." He adds, "That concept was the perfect germ for this thrilling story, which will be extremely visceral in 3D."

NURSE 3D begins principal photography this September in Toronto. Click the image below for big and uncensored!

Extra Tidbit: While shooting publicity photos for HOSTEL: PART II, head marketing guy Tim Palen got writer/director Eli Roth to pose naked while wearing only a 24-inch-long prosthetic penis.
Source: V Magazine



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