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Spider-Man goes maskless for covershoot


We've seen more and more detailed shots of the Spider-Man costume be released, but now we have a fresh look at Andrew Garfield wearing the suit sans mask for this new EW cover.

That's as high res as it gets for now, but shows our new Peter Parker in all his lanky glory. Everyone keeps telling me I look like Andrew Garfrield, especially after THE SOCIAL NETWORK came out, but I just don't see it.

So when will we finally see a trailer? Even with JOHN CARTER and CONTAGION dropping bombs, I expect Spidey will wait until Comic-Con for the big reveal. I'm cautiously optimistic about what I've seen so far, but the trailer will really flip my opinion one way or the other.

Extra Tidbit: Mark Webb: “Ultimately what this movie is about is a kid who grows up looking for his father and finds himself. And that’s a Spider-Man story we haven’t seen before.”
Source: EW



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