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Review: Movie Karaoke

Movie Karaoke
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Iíll let you all in on a little secret of mine. One of my as-yet-unfulfilled dreams is to march up on stage in some local bar on a karaoke night and blow the lid off the joint. ĎTis true. One of my guilty pleasures is belting along with some of my favorite rock tracks in my apartment (my neighborís can attest to this) but I have yet to muster up the courage to try this in public. So, you can imagine my excitement when I got the assignment to try out a new product that allows you to dub your voice onto that of an actorís from a popular movie Ė a product ďcleverlyĒ titled MOVIE KARAOKE. I would now, finally be able to hear how my voice sounds interpreting another personís lyrics, in this case, dialogue.

Thatís about where this stops being fun though. The idea is promising, the actual process and results are lame. I learned very quickly that the adrenaline rush one gets from feverishly singing along oneís favorite song is non-existent when listening to your voice coming out of Stifler or Jim or Jimís dadís mouth. Thatís right, the first MOVIE KARAOKE incarnation features clips from all three AMERICAN PIE movies: 4 scenes from the first, 6 scenes from the second and 7 from the (hopefully) last one.

The only saving grace is that if you actually follow the subtitled cues when recording your lines, the actual synching of your lines with their lip movements is perfect, so it actually sounds like you and doesnít look like a badly dubbed Asian kung-fu flick. But, considering I didnít find Eugene Levyís interpretation in these movies very funny in the first place, itís no wonder I found it even less funny when hearing my own untrained, squeaky voice talking to Jim about masturbation. If this isnít embarrassing enough, you have the option to e-mail your friends at work the full scene so they can be a witness to your foolishness.

Theyíve taken an idea that works in one form of entertainment (music) and tried to make it work for movies too, but itís just not as fun, interesting or exciting - not for adults anyway. Maybe kids in their very early teens could somehow find some small speck of entertainment from this for a rainy half-afternoon, but I doubt even that. They do have other titles that will be coming up so maybe this experiment can be more electrifying when youíre Joe Pesci and hear yourself asking Henry Hill from GOODFELLAS: ďWhat the f*ck is so funny about me, tell me, I want to know?Ē

But once again, I doubt it.

I got this for free and felt like a jackass after having tried it out. And to think I could have used my time better by practicing for my debut next week at Karaoke Korner where I will be braving the stage for my exciting rendition of Queenís ďAnother One Bites the Dust.Ē Wish me luck, Iím going to need itÖ

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