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Exclusive: A naughty new clip from A Good Old Fashioned Orgy!


A GOOD OLD FASHIONED ORGY is an indie comedy in a summer of big-budget comedies where bigger budgets and bigger stars don't always mean bigger laughs. ORGY sports an impressive cast including SNL vets Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte plus Martin Starr, David Koechner, Lucy Punch, Leslie Bibb, Lake Bell and Nick Kroll.

The film stars Sudeikis as a once-infamous party animal who's getting disappointed all his friends are settling down with their families. He decides to go out with a bang - literally. He schedules an orgy with his friends at his father's beach house and hilarity ensues.

The film opens in limited release this Friday and we've got an exclusive clip from the film. Here, Koechner, some kind of orgy expert we're led to believe, is giving advice to Sudeikis and pal Tyler Labine on how exactly to get the orgy going. We also find out what "running a train" means. Choo-choo! Check out the clip, which includes some NSFW-ness, below...

Extra Tidbit: You can actually follow Koechner's character on Twitter
Source: JoBlo.com



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