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I don't know about you but one of the pics I'm really looking forward to this spring is Denzel Washington's MAN ON FIRE. Ever since that last trailer hit, I'm dying to see this flick. I'm a big Tony Scott fan, a big fan of revenge flicks and a big fan of Denzel Washington acting like a bad-ass. For those who still aren't sure what the film is about here's a quick plot synopsis:

Denzel Washington stars as a government operative / soldier of fortune, who has pretty much given up on life. In Mexico City, he reluctantly agrees to take a job to protect a child (Dakota Fanning) whose parents are threatened by a wave of kidnappings. He eventually becomes close to the child and their relationship reawakens and rekindles his spirit. When she is abducted, his fiery rage is unleashed on those he feels responsible, and he stops at nothing to save her.

I've heard the script is pretty brutal with scenes like Denzel intimidating a suspect by telling the guy, who was unconscious, he shoved a bunch of plastic explosives up his ass while he was out cold and if he doesn't start talking, the sh*t will hit the fan...literally! The movie hits theaters on April 23rd and hopefully we'll have even more from the film leading up to the release. Check out some new stills from the film below. And if you haven't seen the trailer yet, check it out at the JoBlo.com Trailer Archives here!

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