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Dog bites box-office 

SCOOBY-DOO 2 did not open as huge as did the original, which scored $54M in its opening weekend alone and went on to gross $153M overall, but it did cash in enough green to finish atop the latest 4-movie race this past weekend, with $30M+. The film crushed its closest competitor, THE LADYKILLERS starring Tom Hanks, by about $17M, as well as THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, which despite finishing in 3rd spot, is still going strong with only a 35% drop since last weekend. Unlike last week's number 1 movie, DAWN OF THE DEAD, which dropped an incredible 61% to 4th spot, continuing to reinforce certain theories about "genre" movies opening big, but not really holding on strong thereafter.

Kevin Smith's JERSEY GIRL also fared quite well considering its uphill battle vis-a-vis some earlier negative publicity, opening in 5th spot with a little over $8M, but more importantly, finishing 3rd in average gross/per screen, which bodes well for the film when/if it plans to open up in more theaters in the weeks to come (which was the initial idea) DMX's NEVER DIE ALONE, which received a whopping 3 1/2 stars from film critic Roger Ebert, was the big loser of the weekend, opening in 11th spot and prompting everyone to re-evaluate what the shit happened with YOU GOT SERVED?

Next week sees yet another 4 new movies hit the charts, specifically the lead film that I will be skipping called THE PRINCE AND ME which is about Julia Stiles throwing most of her career's credibility out the window, as well as Disney's animated HOME ON THE RANGE, and the two "biggies", The Rock's WALKING TALL (which I saw over the weekend and enjoyed) and Guillermo Del Toro's HELLBOY (which I'm looking very forward to seeing) 

 1. Scooby-Doo 2  $  30.7 Million/ New
 2. The Ladykillers  $  13.0 Million/ New
 3. Passion of the Christ  $  12.5 Million/ $ 315.0 Million
 4. Dawn of the Dead  $  10.3 Million/ $  43.9 Million
 5. Jersey Girl  $   8.3 Million/ New
 6. Taking Lives  $   6.5 Million/ $  21.7 Million
 7. Starsky & Hutch  $   6.3 Million/ $  76.9 Million
 8. Hidalgo  $   5.4 Million/ $  56.5 Million
 9. Eternal Sunshine...  $   5.4 Million/ $  16.7 Million
 10. Secret Window  $   5.4 Million/ $  40.7 Million


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