3D? Pshaw! Disney screening Nightmare Before Christmas in 4D!

Every year Disney rereleases A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS in 3D for two weeks around Halloween. I've never been to one of these revival screenings but I imagine it's a lot of crowd participation, singing along, cheering, etc. But the audience's involvement in the film is about to get even deeper. Disney announced yesterday that later this month, the film will be screening at the El Capitan theater in Los Angeles not just in 3D but in 4D.

It is the first time the El Capitan will screen a 4D movie and to enhance the 3D experience it will add an extra dimension with fog, wind and other surprises they're not ready to give away just yet.

In addition to the 4D screenings, NIGHTMARE composer and frequent Tim Burton collaborator Danny Elfman will actually be performing a mini-concert prior to the October 22nd screening at 7pm.

UPDATE - So it turns out the LA Times had its info incorrect with the announcement. Elfman is playing on OCTOBER 21 and not the 22nd, which means the show is NOT sold out. Also, Elfman will not be performing but will be appearing and introducing some bonus features from the upcoming “Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box."

So how do you get in on this? Tickets are available at the online box-office but I'll disappoint you now by saying tickets for the Elfman screening are already sold out (Ebay, perhaps?). Tickets are still available though for many of the 4D screenings though so that's always a solid consolation.

Extra Tidbit: Does it make me sound old to admit that I saw NIGHTMARE its opening weekend in 1993?
Source: LA Times



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