4 more on Red Dawn

Special Ed DVD Cpver fo the Original

If anybody was still hoping the RED DAWN remake was just a bad dream, well this is the proverbial pinch. Casting is moving forward with the gang of rebel youngsters getting fully cast to surround Chris Hemsworth, Adrienne Palicki and Josh Peck already onboard since June.

Entertainment Weekly rolled out in exclusivity who will be stepping in for Howell, Thompson, Savage and Dalton. They will respectively be Josh Hutcherson (JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH), Isabel Lucas (TRANSFORMERS 2), Edwin Hodge (Fox's "Mental") and last but not least Connor Cruise, son of Tom.

No indication yet on a fill-in for Powers Boothe's military mentor to the original's kids, nor if the Kurt Russell rumor had any shred of truth. An announcement probably will be made on that one soon though, with production scheduled to begin next month. Should they ask any of the original's guys for that part?

Extra Tidbit: I hope they don't try to copy that ending scene where a bloodied Swayze walks off with a half-dead Sheen in his arms. Swayze owns that scene.



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