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JoBlo.com is looking to hire someone who could write 1-2 DVD NEWS updates for our site every week. The updates would be incorporated into our front page headlines and include new DVD releases, the most recent spec info, upcoming covers and menus and the latest in all major DVD announcements. Our site currently hosts DVD REVIEWS, DVD RELEASE DATES, as well as a DVD DISCUSSION FORUM, but we'd like to complete that with a steady DVD NEWS REPORT every week. If you think you've got what it takes to fulfill the gig, keep reading and apply below.

Position: DVD News Editor

What it is exactly? You would be in charge of finding, writing and putting together 1-2 DVD NEWS reports every week. The person we hire for this gig would be asked to scour the Net for the latest DVD scoops and put them together in an entertaining and informative manner (natch). It's all about content here, but personality goes a long way on our site as well...

Do I need to be living in a certain area to get this job? Not at all. This job is open to anyone from any country, any city, any street, any gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and whorehouse... ;) As long as you've got a solid connection to the Internet, email and can surf...you are a likely candidate.

How much does this job pay? Unfortunately, we cannot afford to pay anyone at this time, but you will certainly get your writing skills displayed to the world, receive an extra cool new email address which ends in @joblo.com and possible "perks" from yours truly-- i.e. handjobs! Bottom line: you'd be doing it for "the love of the game", not the green.

What is required of this post?

  • You must be serious about your application, the vacant position and be over the age of 18

  • You must be an excellent writer, bar-none. If you send us an email with spelling and grammatical errors, it will be chucked

  • You must LOVE, and I stress this word again...LOVE movies, and even more importantly...DVDs!

  • Preferably, the candidate should know the basics of .html and graphical programs such as Photoshop (to crop pictures, etc..) You would be in charge of putting together your articles.

  • You must be able to commit to this job for at least a period of 6-12 months

  • You must be wildly familiar with all of the top DVD websites on the Net, most of which you'd utilize to put together your weekly DVD NEWS reports. We would also provide you with information on studio-related DVD news websites, as well as all pertinent press releases, etc...

How do I apply?

Send me a direct email at [email protected] and include in it why you think you would be ideally suited for this post (you gotta really sell me with shit to back it up as as well!). Also, include your full name, age and resume (if you've got one), as well as a few writing samples and if you REALLY WANT THE GIG, an example of what you can write up as said DVD NEWS REPORT. Furthermore, if you've already worked on any other website, please provide me with the required URLs so that I could check them out for myself. JoBlo.com currently receives over 1.4 million unique visitors every month.

Email me at [email protected]

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