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If you're asking yourself if you're going to be seeing a new KILL BILL: VOLUME II write-up on our site every day over the next week or so, the answer is likely to be a major "yes", since it is still one of the most anticipated movies around the JoBlo.com offices (and yes, that's besides my recent bitching about the late start on the film's marketing) I say this so that 1) fanboys could stop emailing me and calling me a doodoo-head (in so many words) and 2) because we obviously still want to support the flick as much as we can, since Tarantino (and Kevin Smith) are two personal heroes of mine and men whose films partly led me to start this friggin' site in the first place! (yes, I'm a f*ckin' fanboy myself, so F off!)

That said, today's story is a confirmation of sorts about a piece Mike wrote up last week concerning the possibility of a KILL BILL: VOLUME III (click here for that). "Entertainment Weekly" magazine recently conducted an excellent interview with the eccentric director, which you can read either in their most recent issue, or entirely on their website (if you're a subscriber, that is), from which we've quoted some of the more interesting queries below, including QT's take on the remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD, the prospect of KILL BILL: V3 and lots more coolness. A great read for the Tarantino lover in you.

Do you have a fantasy of what the Bride's future is? Will she kill again?

Oh, I know what happens to her. Initially I was thinking this would be my ''Dollars'' trilogy. I was going to do a new one every 10 years -- the first one starting when Uma was 30, the second when she's 40, and the last when she's 50. Now we're not going to do that because I need at least 15 years before I do this again. Uma and I can do something else together, but picking this thing up again, we need distance, and a decade ain't enough.

And can we can expect to see ''Kill Bill -- Vol. 3'' in about 15 years?

I don't know if I'll call it ''Vol. 3.'' And Uma won't be the star of it, though she'll be in it. The star will be Vernita Green's [Vivica A. Fox's] daughter, Nikki [Ambrosia Kelley]. And I know everything that will take her up to this time. Sofie Fatale [Julie Dreyfus] will get all of Bill's money, and she will raise Nikki, and she will go to take on the Bride. Nikki deserves her revenge every bit as much as the Bride deserved hers. I might even, a year from now, shoot a couple of scenes for it and put it in the vault for 15 years from now so I can get the actresses while they're this age. It's really exciting to know that somewhere out there is a little girl who's going to grow up to be my leading lady.

What do you do when you're not making movies?

What you'd expect -- read, listen to music, hang out with friends, watch my video and DVD collection. Get obsessions about this or that. I'm a film historian so I'm always trying to feed my brain. All of a sudden you watch a movie with Aldo Ray, and then you have go see all of Ray's movies.

So how do you imagine Quentin Tarantino, boy wonder, at 60?

I won't be making movies, that's for sure. I'll write novels. Novelistic writing is great for someone at that age. But I also want to get some movie theaters. I've got a big film collection and I want to continue building on it. I'm kind of a frustrated theater owner anyway. I want to have a good life and let the filmography stand on its own. I don't want to be some old guy pitching f---ing scripts.

When you go to see movies, are you watching as a fan or as a filmmaker -- you know, fixing sloppy editing or rewriting scenes in your head?

I'm normally a film fan. That's my goal. If I see mistakes in tone or rhythm, I might start thinking, Okay, I would do this. But I can still enjoy the film. If I were teaching a class or having a serious conversation with somebody about it, I could point out deficiencies here and there -- deficiencies I wouldn't allow in my own work -- but I forgive it if I like it. A movie doesn't have to do everything. A movie just has to do a couple of things. If it does those well and gives you a cool experience, a cool night at the movies, an emotion, that's good enough, man. But movies that get it all right are few and far between. It got to a point in the '80s when you didn't even hold a bad ending against a movie, because every movie had a cop-out ending. If you were going to hold bad endings against movies you'd never have liked anything.

What are some recent movies you've enjoyed?

I can't believe it, but I really liked the remake of ''Dawn of the Dead.'' It was terrific. I was actually almost offended when [they announced they were] remaking ''Dawn of the Dead'' -- I mean, the idea of remaking a George Romero film without George Romero! I just wish they hadn't called it ''Dawn of the Dead'' because then I could really embrace it, because I have to compare the two and there are things about the remake that do not compare favorably at all. But I was really taken by what a good director [Zack Snyder] is.

What were your feelings about Peter Biskind's book ''Down and Dirty Pictures''? You play a big part in it, and though you come across as a trailblazer and an often generous guy, there's some sniping about betrayal and egomania from friends. Did you feel misrepresented in any way?

I don't think I came across that bad. I actually thought Biskind had a touch of affection for me in the writing. As long as people have affection for me, I'm not expecting any one article or book to capture me, to get me completely. But he misrepresented Harvey Weinstein in it to, like, a gigantic degree. At the same time, Harvey is also the most interesting character in the book. I told Harvey, you're a hero and villain, but your villain is of Bondian proportions.

What's next? Will it be the much-discussed ''Inglorious Bastards'' -- what you've described as your ''Dirty Dozen''?

I'm going to take a little break -- not as long as the last time -- but I'll probably do something small, something modest, in between, and then do the war movie. I have to finish that script, but I also have this weird thing of, Do I want to dive in? Do I want to climb Mount Everest again?

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