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Looks like studios aren't happy with just making billions of dollars from DVD sales and would rather milk their customers via over-saturation as more and more "variations" of DVDs are now hitting the marketplace with most recent examples including both the "single disc" version of MASTER & COMMANDER or its "2-disc version", as well as MYSTIC RIVER's "solo effort" or its "3-disc release" (you heard me) I'm not really a big fan of these tactics (kinda reminds me of when the comic book industry started coming out with about 12 different variant covers for every new comic), but I do appreciate DIFFERENT versions of a film coming out, if only for the sake of seeing additional footage from the movie, as per the filmmaker's original ideas.

The folks behind the June 22nd DVD release of the unexpected comedy hit BAD SANTA are going one step further and seemingly re-titling their film as BAD-DER SANTA for its UN-rated release, complete with a sexier, new cover (see below). No specs have been announced on the latter disc, but the former will include deleted scenes, a behind-the-scenes special, a John Ritter tribute, outtakes and more. I assume the UN-rated version will include more F-bombs, but who knows. For now, I think this is an interesting experiment (and hopefully NOT just a marketing tool) that will hopefully provide customers with a more content-oriented choice of their beloved movie. You can pre-order either disc through Amazon.com right now.

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