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Thought you had enough of DAWN OF THE DEAD and it's kick-ass remake? Think again. Two new comics are in the works for your reading pleasure. The first is an oversized magazine format of Universal's recent remake from Miguel A. Insignares and Dick Giordarno at MIG.BIZ,LCC. You can read all about the plans for the adaptation and catch a preview of cover art and some pages by clicking here. The other series will adapt the original DAWN from George A. Romero. The three issue miniseries is written by horror specialist Steve Niles with art by Chee and is available this month. Check out all the info by clicking on the preview page below.

We're still not done with the DAWN OF THE DEAD goodies. The "original and incidental music" from the original film is finally being released on CD and LP May 19th. For a list of all the tracks (including The Gonk, the funky mall theme currently being used in trailers for SHAUN OF THE DEAD) and samples click on the cover art below.

Speaking of SHAUN OF THE DEAD, United International Pictures is giving away 10 exclusive posters (like the one below I believe) signed by the cast and an exclusive "zombie" ring tone for the latest generation of WAP enabled mobile phones (don't ask me). The film is currently playing in the UK with a North American release date in the works. Click the image below to enter.

Another hyped-up piece of cinematic rotting flesh from another country is also trying to make it's way into our theatres. UNDEAD is already available for rental in Australia and all we've got is the trailer and this new 7 minute making of featurette. The clip comes from a 37 minute version that will be available on the DVD. To watch said trailer and said clip click the poster below of said movie.

Finally, because of the success of the movies above and the way Hollywood likes to beat trends like a dead horse, we can expect a few more announcements like this one in the near future. Lions Gate Films will bust their ass and get FLIGHT OF THE DEAD out as soon as possible. From The Hollywood Reporter: "Flight" follows the tale of two zombies being shipped back to their homeland after they are captured. But when the deadly creatures come unexpectedly to life aboard an airplane, the begin to wreak high-altitude havoc. Man, where was all this shit when I was a kid?

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