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Contest: The Punisher


Hopefully everyone on the site is looking as forward to this coming "fanboy" weekend as much as the rest of us, with both KILL BILL: V2 and THE PUNISHER personally opening up the so-called "summer movie season" for me (especially now that my 'buzz' on both VAN HELSING and TROY has abated somewhat) I'm not sure which one of the films will kick the most ass (or any), but one thing's for sure, we want to make sure that we provide our readers with as much goodies, info and naked girls (huh?) in order to better make up your mind. For example...did you want some background info on the man portraying the Punisher in this film? Sure, you did! Here's some basics on the badass...

And how about a friggin' CONTEST for PUNISHER swag? You betcha, baby! Enter for FREE now and return next Monday, April 19th to see if you're one of the 10 lucky randomly picked winners of PUNISHER prize packs which will include keychains, dogtags and T-Shirts! You can get more info on the movie on its OFFICIAL SITE, and did I mention....Roy Scheider shows up in the film? Wow! THE PUNISHER opens wide this coming Friday, April 16th, so make sure you bring a friend along who also wants to be punished afterwards. And oh yeah, click below to enter our contest now!!!

Win Punisher Goodies!

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