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Exorcist prequel x2?


Wow, how bizarre is this? First, Warner Bros gives writer/director Paul Schrader (best known as the man who wrote TAXI DRIVER!!) $32-35 million bucks to shoot a prequel to the EXORCIST entitled EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING. He does so, we send the Arrow to Italy to check it out and everything seems hunky-dory. The next thing you know, Warner Bros-- who apparently weren't paying attention to a thing Schrader was doing until he actually finished the film?!?!?-- decided that his final cut was nowhere near what they wanted, promptly fired the man and hired DEEP BLUE SEA's helmer, Renny Harlin, with a mostly new cast, new script and yet another $52-54 million smackers. It's good to be rich, eh?

But today comes yet another fun twist in this ever-growing puzzle as Variety reports that Morgan Creek helmer James Robinson is trying to persuade the WB to release both films on DVD at the same time!! Mind you, the Harlin version is still slated to hit theaters on August 20, 2004...don't ask me to explain...my mind is spinning as we speak. Schrader, the man who believed his film to be forever jettisoned into oblivion, seemed happy with the idea: "I'm very proud of my film, and I think it deserves to be seen... If I get the DVD, I can say 'God bless you Renny; may your film do well." The man also took the opportunity to clarify what happened with his cut: "They made it clear -- no spinning heads and no pea soup.... So that's what I delivered, but then they changed their mind."

The story's not over yet, as the studio still has to decide exactly how/if it wants to go about this process (bundle it on 1 dvd or 2 separate ones-- I think we all know the answer to that one...natch!), so stay tuned for more fun and games on yet another studio production run amuck! (Wes Craven's CURSED is another big-time flick that was recently re-written, re-shot, etc...) It's nice to see the studio bigwigs taking their jobs so seriously.

Source: Variety
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