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There\'s likely to be only one other Johnny Depp film release in 2004 (J.M. BARRIE\'S NEVERLAND, tentatively scheduled for October 22nd), so we might as well take advantage of the most recent DVD announcement of his last film, SECRET WINDOW, in order to drum up yet another article about the man and his overall coolness. Yeah, I know it might seem like our adoration for the man is slowly starting to delve into theĀ  \"creepy\" end of things, but the truth is that I don\'t really know too many people in my life who do not appreciate this great actor on some level.

My mom thinks he\'s nice, my sister thinks he\'s gorgeous, my bro thinks he\'s the shiznit, my dad would prefer to have him as a son rather than me, my logo looks like him, my \"girlfriend\" likes to pretend that he\'s the bad lay in our bed, and my grandma, in her 80s and forgetful of all things useless in life, thinks he\'s a plum decent actor. Me...well, I\'ve got my own \"Johnny\" thing happening, but that\'s one for my shrink to figure out in a few years. Long story short, June 22nd is the day that all Depp fans should scoot on over to their favorite videostores in order to nab the release of SECRET WINDOW, with J\'s fat face, smack-dab in the middle of it all (yes, I\'m bitter). Kudos to DVDAnswers.com for nabbing the cover and CLICK HERE to see what else you can find on the disc.

Source: DVDAnswers.com
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