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Del Toro and De Niro

Apr. 29, 2002by: Mike Sampson

DreamWorks has recently adapted his film RINGU into this fall's RING and now Robert De Niro will produce, and may star in, a remake of another Hideo Nakata film, KAOSU.  CHAOS, as the new film will be called, is being developed for Benicio Del Toro to star with De Niro in a supporting role.  Del Toro would play a drifter hired to kidnap a wealthy businessman's (De Niro) wife.  When the drifter leaves to pick up the ransom money, he returns to find the woman has mysteriously died, now putting his own life at risk.  Universal currently has the project out to a writer and director and the participation of Del Toro and De Niro is dependant upon approval of the script.

Benicio Del Toro and Robert De Niro
Talk about intense...

Source: Variety
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