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New TV spot for Marvel's The Avengers focuses on the God of Thunder!


Last night saw the red-carpet premiere of THE AVENGERS and of course the "Twittersphere" is blowing up with spoilerific wondergoods to dampen the spirits of any fanboy, so I will abstain from sharing any of those tidbits.

However, I love me some trailers and TV spots, so that much I'll share and this one is pretty damn cool, focusing on the God of Thunder himself, Thor.  There's nothing in here to ruin your own red-carpet night, but there are some cool shots we haven't seen before, mostly of the Mjilnor-wielding God. 

I'm sure at this point you don't need anything else to get your ass in a seat, but those that want to soak up the hype a little bit more, this one's for you:

THE AVENGERS is heading your way in 22 days and counting (and earlier for you UK cats) on May 4, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: I've seen and heard lots of love for the Hulk in this one. Anyone favor Thor over all others? I'm a Cap guy myself. Let's hear it from you tiny, petty mortals...who's your favorite Avenger for this flick?
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