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MOVIE POLL: How excited are you for The Avengers?


How excited are you for The Avengers?

Can't wait, it's definitely gonna be THE movie of the summer!
39.83% = 766 votes
No way it will be bigger and/or better than The Dark Knight Rises!
21.11% = 406 votes
15.44% = 297 votes
It's what the Marvel movies have been building toward, so I just hope it doesn't disappoint!
13.94% = 268 votes
Kinda looking forward to it, but not crazy excited.
5.77% = 111 votes
I'll check it out, although I'm not quite sure what the hype is about.
1.35% = 26 votes
Gotta be honest, I'm really more of a DC Comics fan...
0.88% = 17 votes
Don't care about seeing it at all.
0.78% = 15 votes
Superheroes, whatever.
0.52% = 10 votes
Not a fan of (writer/director) Joss Whedon at all.
0.36% = 7 votes
TOTAL VOTES = 1923 votes

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