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Other than the "official" films being screened for the Festival in Cannes, thousands of other movies are being presented in small theaters all around the Palais du Festival as well, in order to find distributors interested in buying them to showcase in their respective countries.

One of the films that we at JoBlo.com have been pushing for the past few months is the very cool-looking CASSHERN, which is apparently doing great business back in Japan, and will hopefully be getting picked up very soon by someone, so that we could check it out in North America in the very near future. The two screenings here so far were sold out, so it bodes very well. I'm gonna try and catch the film myself, but no promises, since the "press" aren't exactly the most important people that these folks want in their screenings (but I'm JoBlo dammit...invite me, invite me!). Either way, this is one film that all distributors should be taking a closer look at.

Another movie that American distributors (yeah, I'm talking to you, Lions Gate, Miramax, Focus Features, etc...) looking for the "next big thing" should keep a close eye on (or at the very least, check out or visit them in their booth at Palais 1 @ 22-07) is called THE BIRTHDAY.

The "surreal thriller/black comedy" is the first feature film for Barcelona-boy Eugenio Mira, whom I spent some time with the other day and who is, not only younger than me, but speaks the language of English like it's his own, and speaks the language of movies as fervently, if not MORE FERVENTLY, than your every day JoBlo.com movie geek!! This guy knows his shit, reminded me of a mix between Eli Roth, Quentin Tarantino and Guillermo del Toro and if this film's teaser trailer, style and his enthusiasm and obvious eye for the camera is any indication (and they usually are), expect to hear a LOT more from this dude in the coming years.

Two very unique aspects of his film include the fact that it's shown in "real time" (that is, every minute on screen is a minute in the story) and every frame of the film apparently features its star, Corey Feldman, in one way or another (whether it be his back, his front, his sleeve...he's in every frame!) I also love some of the influences he tossed my way about his film....John Hughes, David Lynch, John Landis, the Coen brothers....wow, that sounds...interesting. I haven't seen the film myself, but do yourself a favor and give it a roll if you're in town. PS: Don't let the fact that Feldman stars in this movie turn you off as it initially did myself. Mira is a huge fan of the 80s flicks and his casting was more as a reference/homage to those films, than anything else. This is NOT a straight-to-video crapfest...just check out the style in its trailer and decide for yourself.











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