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The Cannes Journals #2


THE CANNES JOURNALS will not be a thorough coverage of the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, but rather, a slimy, dirty, personal and likely-to-be quite unsavory pack of misadventures and thoughts that knock up against my scrotum (i.e. head) as I scoot around the French Riviera over the next 10 days or so. JOBLO.COM DOES CANNES will be the more movie-oriented focus of my coverage, so if uninterested in my own personal bullshit, please head on over there. That said...

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My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like, it's better than yours, damn right it's better than yours, I could teach you, but I have to charge!!

I have no idea HOW or WHY this sort of thing happens in Cannes, but if it's gonna happen anywhere, it's nice for it to happen here (and while I'M HERE, for that matter!). As I managed to take a little break between screenings today (feels like I only got here yesterday, but the festival's already ending in 5 days), strolling along the famous Croisette-- packed with thousands of people nowadays-- I turn to my right and notice a pack of sexy ladies in bikinis and stiletto heels walking out of a hotel and onto the sidewalk. WHY are they doing this? Honestly, I have no idea!

But even more importantly is that I REALLY DON'T CARE! With my trusty digital camera in place (in my crotch), I did what any single, red-blooded young man with hormonal incapacities would do: I took as many pictures as I could and then I took a few more...just for safekeeping. In the end, I'd like to take this opportunity to take you away from what it was that you were doing on this very day, in order to enjoy...the SIGHTS, the SOUNDS....the loveliness that is HOT EUROPEAN CHICKS IN BIKINIS IN CANNES! And yes, my paddled-up friends....click to enlarge, click to enlarge indeed!! PS: It's official, I'm moving to Cannes.

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