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To finish up the week, allow me to present you with two of the best movies that I've seen at the Cannes Film Festival so far this year, including my personal new favorite movie of the year.

One of the first screenings that I missed because I was apparently standing in the "wrong line" was a Korean movie called OLD BOY (part two of Park Chan-Wook's trilogy on revenge). I didn't know much about it, but I had heard good things, so when I was 86'd from a CASSHERN screening later on that very evening (damn, I really wanted to see that movie!), I happened to walk into another screening of OLD BOY, starting at 10:30 pm, meaning that I would have to take a taxi back to my small town hotel outside of Cannes, since the trains stop at midnight 'round these parts. That said, I'm glad that I stayed because with a premise as ripe as the one for OLD BOY, you just can't help but be pulled right into this unique director's vibrant energy. OLD BOY is up for the Palme D'Or and even though I'm pretty sure that it won't win (there's a touch of the ol' ultra-violence in there), I'm sure that jury head Quentin Tarantino will be raving about this one to all of his buddies back home. Oh, and did I mention....it's about REVENGE!!!

The second film that I'm including today is also very good, but in an entirely different way. I happened to catch this screening at 8:30 in the am (who the f*ck is up at that hour?), but despite the time of day, was quickly immersed in this Jack Kerouac style road trip taken by a certain Ernesto Guevara de la Serna-- and his buddy Alberto Granado back in 1952 Latin America-- a man who would go on to later become: Che Guevara. The film stars Jared Leto/Freddie Prinze Jr. look-a-like Gael Garcia Bernal as the infamous revolutionary, who also starred in another film fest flick that I saw earlier this week, Pedro Almodovar's BAD EDUCATION. The film is entitled THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES and is directed by Walter Salles, co-producer of my favorite film from last year, CITY OF GOD. Below is a picture of Bernal alongside the actual Granado, who is obviously still alive today, along with Rodrigo de la Serna, the actor who portrayed Granado in the film. Got all that? The film is based on the books "The Motorcycle Diaries" by Ernesto Guevara and "With Che Through Latin America" by Alberto Granado. It might well be remembered come Oscar time...

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Old Boy The Motorcycle Diaries
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