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Now that's a lotta money!!!

The summer movie season has officially arrived. Both VAN HELSING and TROY failed to stir up the imaginations and/or pocketbooks of movie-goers over the past two weeks, but SHREK 2 has come out with its guns blazin', scorching previous animated movie records, and almost beating SPIDER-MAN with the 2nd biggest opening weekend ever, with over $104 million earned in the past three days alone. Nice.

Mind you, it didn't hurt that the film was released in the most amount of theaters ever, but that withstanding, it also managed to beat the record for the most money made in a single day with over $44 million earned on Saturday alone, beating SPIDEY's previous record of $43 million. And did it beat FINDING NEMO from last year, you may ask? Pshaw! No problem. NEMO opened its first weekend with only $70.3 million, and went on to make $340 million when all was said and done. Needless to say, everyone at Dreamworks is ecstatic about this tidy bankroll, which apparently only cost the studio about $70 million to create. In all, the film has made over $125 million since it debuted a couple of days before the weekend, on Wednesday.

Let's see now, MEAN GIRLS is breaking bank, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST scored big and now SHREK 2...something tells me the bigger, badder action thriller-amas aren't so much "in vogue" anymore. Something else tells me that HARRY POTTER 3 is gonna blast its way through even more record books in a couple of weeks. It will also be interesting to see how THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW does next weekend. The other films opening next week include the JERSEY GIRL-with-a-chick in the lead flick entitled RAISING HELEN with the very cute Kate Hudson heading a motherless clan of kids, SOUL PLANE starring Snoop Dogg and a bunch of other hip-hoppers, as well as the limited released of SAVED! with Mandy Moore looking hot in skirts and Jena Malone trying to figure out what to do as a Christian teen with a kid in her belly. Oh, it's a black comedy.

 1. Shrek 2  $ 104.3 Million/ New
 2. Troy  $  23.8 Million/ $ 85.8 Million
 3. Van Helsing  $  10.2 Million/ $ 100.2 Million
 4. Mean Girls  $   6.9 Million/ $ 64.7 Million
 5. Man on Fire  $   3.5 Million/ $ 69.3 Million
 6. Breakin' All the Rules  $   2.8 Million/ $  9.0 Million
 7. 13 Going on 30  $   2.5 Million/ $  52.1 Million
 8. New York Minute  $   1.2 Million/ $  12.2 Million
 9. Kill Bill: Volume II  $   1.0 Million/ $  62.7 Million
 10. Supersize Me  $    0.9 Million/ New


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