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My two-week trip to Cannes didn't forego me many opportunities to hob-knob with celebs (well, other than that so-called brush with the very lovely Angelina Jolie, of course), but it was my absolute pleasure to get the chance to meet one of the top (if not, the top) film critics in North America during my passage in France, that being: Roger Ebert. I had corresponded with Roger once or twice over the years, and even sent in an audition tape of myself back when he was searching for a new co-host (shoulda known not to review FIGHT CLUB on the tape...damn!!), but surprised was I to discover that he was more than gracious enough to take some time out of his busy schedule in Cannes (trust me, he apparently tries to see 4 movies a day!) to speak to my sorry little ass.

Now even though I've never considered myself a real "film critic"-- more like just a fan with an opinion on movies that have been peculiar enough to interest some-- it was still pretty daunting to meet a man who's steadily been reviewing movies since the mid-60s, and whose repertoire of reviewed films leaves my dinky 1000 critiques, blowing in the wind. That said, I wanted to get Roger's take on the whole phenomenon of the Internet, technology, digital filmmaking, downloading/piracy and how the studios are handling it all. My entire 2-part interview with him should be up on the site in the next couple of weeks. For now, I just wanted to share my meeting with him with you all, seeing as it went very well and that he turned out to be as feisty and movie-geeky as he has appeared to be over the years on TV and print. By the way, I'm back home now and I swear...I only have a couple of Cannes reports to go... It's almost over.

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