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Brown Bunny is coming!


Do you want to see actress Chloe Sevigny giving writer/director/actor Vincent Gallo a 3-minute blowjob on the big screen? Sure, you do! Who doesn't? Whether you're a girl, a guy, a gay man, a gay woman, someone in between...we're all damn curious to see why the heck almost everyone at last year's Cannes Film Festival booed Gallo's latest directorial piece entitled THE BROWN BUNNY, and even more so, why on God's green earth, the poor "indie actress working for her craft" decided that giving this man head in a film, would make any sense. I'm damn curious, I'll tell you that much! By the way, I hear that the clip is bootlegged online, so if you've got the skinny on it, drop me a note. I haven't seen the movie myself, but I consider Gallo's last film, BUFFALO '66, as one of my faves from the past decade or so. Quirky, funny, stylish, original...f*cked up stuff.

Wellspring recently picked up the North American rights to THE BROWN BUNNY, and they plan to release it in limited distribution on August 27 at Landmark's Sunshine Cinema in New York (I'm already camped out front) and the arthouse circuit's Nuart Theater in Los Angeles. The company plans to roll it out from there, with a video/dvd release in the spring of 2005. Gallo told IndieWire that despite the film being in a two-hour "rough cut" at last year's Cannes Festival, it would essentially remain the same, in its new cut of 92 minutes (not sure if they're cutting the headjob out, but if I had money to bet, I'd bet it on "yes"). Of the cuts, Gallo said, "They would have booed the same way (if they saw) the finished version of the film in Cannes."

Gallo also spoke about his personal feelings at that time, and noted how "When I went to Cannes I was so shaken up not by the audience reaction, or Roger Ebert, I was shaken up by a few very small personal things. I used to be very friendly with the press, after (that) I just felt like my public life is now over, I'll never have a public life again and I definitely don't have any friend in the movie business. I had gone from a kid to an adult in some way." Read more from the man here.

Source: IndieWire
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