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Can you believe it's been 10 years since PULP FICTION hit theaters? Man I feel old. 2004 is also the 10th Anniversaries of CLERKS and THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. It feels like just the other day I was buying my ticket on opening day to see PULP and about two days later buying a ticket to see it again. Boy time flies. Here's the skinny on what's going on to celebrate the 10th anniversary (which is, incidentally, the aluminum anniversary...) of each of these films:

PULP FICTION - IFC is celebrating the 10th anniversay with "Pulp Indies Week" starting next Monday, June 7th, ending with the premiere of PULP FICTION on Saturday night at 8:00pm. Throughout the week films like SEXY BEAST, WAY OF THE GUN, MANIAC, BAD LIEUTENANT and many others. Immediately following the PULP premiere will be a brand new documentary, "PULP FICTION ON THE DIME: 10th Anniversary Retrospect" which will feature behind-the-scenes footage and new interviews with Quentin Tarantino, Uma Therman and producer Lawrence Bender.

CLERKS - Miramax and View Askew will release CLERKS: 10th Anniversary Edition on a three-disc DVD edition on September 7th. Set to retail at $29.99, the film will feature two cuts of the movie, a new commentary from Kevin Smith and other ast members, audition tapes, an animated recreation of the missing "funeral" scene and the failed ABC pilot for "Clerks", which starred Jim Breuer and Keri Russell. Also in the works is a View Askew sponsored bash in or around the area where CLERKS was filmed in New Jersey.

THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION - Details are still scant on the plans for SHAWSHANK but it is believed the film will be re-released to theaters in September and the 10th Anniversary special edition DVD will be released in time for Christmas. At this time the disc is planned to include a commentary from Frank Darabont and Morgan Freeman, a documentary titled "Shawshank: A Redeeming Future" originally made for Channel 4 in Britain. Below is a look at cover work for the DVD by famed artist Drew Struzan (STAR WARS, INDIANA JONES).

Source: IFCUSA Today
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