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Kids' flicks continue to break bank...

The early summer box-office trend of "kids" flicks surpassing expectations, while "event" movies like TROY, VAN HELSING and THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW don't, continued this weekend with the third installment of the HARRY POTTER series opening with the third biggest 3-day weekend ever (after SPIDER-MAN's $114.8M and SHREK 2's $108M), with over $92 million earned after only 72 hours in theaters. So while smaller/sleeper films like MEAN GIRLS and possibly even RAISING HELEN (which only dropped 40% from last weekend) continue to rack up decent numbers, big-budget movies which might've opened huge, continue to drop like rocks, as demonstrated by THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW's 60% tumble in its second weekend out. Now while it's still too early to say whether or not this trend will continue all the way through the summer, it'll be interesting to see how studios adjust their future summer line-ups if this continues. For anyone wagering at home, the third part of the HARRY POTTER series performed on par with its predecessors, HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE and HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS, which opened with $88.4M and $90.3M respectively.

Next weekend sees the addition of 3 very different kinds of movies including the one I'm personally looking forward to the most entitled THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK starring Vin Diesel and lots of sci-fi coolness, the comedy/horror/nobody-knows-how-to-market-this-film THE STEPFORD WIVES starring an eclectic cast of folks like Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Bette Midler, Jon Lovitz, Christopher Walken, Faith Hill and others, as well as the film that's been getting about as much horrid feedback as CATWOMAN so far this summer (hey, they're both cat movies!) called GARFIELD. It'll be interesting to see if the "kiddie flick" trend continues or if Riddick grabs the kids by the nuts and tosses them out into the nothingness of space. Interesting, indeed...

 1. Harry Potter 3  $  92.6 Million/ New
 2. Shrek 2  $  37.0 Million/ $ 313.6 Million
 3. Day After Tomorrow  $  28.2 Million/ $ 128.8 Million
 4. Raising Helen  $   6.7 Million/  $  24.2 Million
 5. Troy  $   5.7 Million/ $  119.1 Million
 6. Mean Girls  $   2.9 Million/ $   78.1 Million
 7. Soul Plane  $   2.9 Million/ $   11.1 Million
 8. Van Helsing  $   2.3 Million/ $  114.5 Million
 9. Man on Fire  $   1.0 Million/ $   75.4 Million
 10. Super Size Me  $   0.8 Million/ $   6.2 Million


Source: Yahoo Movies
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