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The last time I talked about Kevin Smith and GREEN HORNET, I mistakenly used the word "delayed" which upset the big man a little bit. He argued that we incorrectly assumed HORNET was on a set schedule, which it apparently was not and therefore couldn't be delayed. So I don't want to misspeak again today with some more news regarding Kevin and GREEN HORNET so I'll watch my words. In fact, I'll just let Kevin do the talking. Mr. Smith had his first speaking engagement in London this week and he told the crowd the following about his plans for GREEN HORNET, according to Empire Online:

I would like to write [GREEN HORNET] but I don't know about directing, because a) I'm too lazy to direct an action movie but b) I never got into this business to make a movie like that... I sent Harvey [Weinstein] an email saying that I think I jumped into this too soon, and I will happily write it but I can't guarantee that I will end up directing this movie.

So Kevin may not be directing HORNET as his next or any future project. It appears that next on Kevin's plate is the mysterious "small project" he's talked about briefly in the past. News Askew adds this small project has already been cast with "familiar faces" and will likely film on digital later this year for a budget of approximately $250,000. To read more of what Kevin said on his trip to the UK, you can read the summary over at Empire Online. And remember, the CLERKS 10th Anniversary DVD is set for release this September on a whopping three discs.

Source: Empire Online
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