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UPDATE: Well, it didn't take long to keep the ALEXANDER marketing machine going, today comes the official first look at the film's poster, courtesy of Techcomforces.com. So-so. Looks like a drawing.

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All's been quiet on the ALEXANDER front of late, except for the fact that talk show host Conan O'Brien just "reported" that Angelina Jolie and director Oliver Stone (a man Sean Penn once called a "human pig") are dating. No idea if that's true or not (if so, God help her), but the film is still set for release on November 5th and the trailer still looks pretty "so-so". Today comes the official first look at the film's banner, which as our main man Mike mentioned, apparently didn't have any other empty spots on which to print Oliver Stone's name. We get it...it's his movie! Anyway, click on the small pic below to see it enlarged. Better yet, click on my small dick to see it enlarged-- sorry folks, I've been waiting to use that one for eons!! PS: I want to live in Val Kilmer's beard.

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