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C'mon Hollywood!!! #2


...gimme dead dogs on film!
by Indiana Sev

I realize Iím not the only one who is bothered by this, but itís seriously gotten to the point where it makes me sick to my stomach seeing a pet (usually a dirty mutt) survive in a Hollywood movie, predominantly in horror, action or sci-fi flicks. The humans in the movie go through hell and back, trying to survive and itís usually only 10% of the cast that does; but when the inevitable smoke clears, we see a filthy, dumb animal crawl out of the woodwork as the eyes of the survivors fill up with tears at the mere sight of their pet. Of course, theyíve miraculously gotten over their best friend or family member having been mutilated just minutes before by the deranged pervert psychopathic murderer. But God forbid if something should have happened to poor RexÖ

Donít get me wrong, I have nothing against dogs per se, but these super dogs that are surviving typhoons, earthquakes and zombies are just too f*ckiní much.

This happens in many movies (DAWN OF THE DEAD í04, INDEPENDENCE DAY, DAYLIGHT are good examples) and itís reached the point where I am not only bored by it, but extremely annoyed! So, my plea to the screenwriters of Hollywood is that they go OUT OF THEIR WAY to make sure the stupid dog not only dies in their next screenplay, but dies in a totally unnecessary and extra bloody and destructive manner! Also, include a clause in your contract that stipulates that the filmmakers cannot change any manner of death in your script, be it to a human, vegetable, or animal. Because they will if they get a chance, theyíll make it so the dumb dog lives...trust me.

You may think that Iím being overly sensitive on this matter-- I can see how it might come off that way-- but you have to understand that this truly irritates me to no end. This consistently taints quality films for me and I've never really understood why it's so freakiní taboo to have the dog perish. In fact, Iíll go so far as to say itíd be hilarious to see dogs die. I mean, if itís funny to see Sam Jackson be swallowed up in DEEP BLUE SEA, wouldnít it be even funnier seeing Fido get chomped by that croc in LAKE PLACID?

Itís a f*cking dog, for Christís sake! Humans are being sucked dry and pulled apart by aliens and that passes without any complaints, so as I see it, the dogs are fair game too. So, címon Hollywood, take a chance for once and kill the dog-- kill it so convincingly, in fact, that you could make up for all those times a simple-minded animal survived what us humans couldnítÖ

Thank you.

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