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MOVIE POLL: Will you go to the movies on Christmas?


Will you go to the movies on Christmas?

Definitely, I gotta see Django Unchained on day one!
31.93% = 175 votes
Nah, I'll be busy with presents, food, family, friends, drinking and/or travel.
17.34% = 95 votes
I usually do!
11.13% = 61 votes
Who goes to the movies on Christmas?!?
11.13% = 61 votes
I'll probably stay in and watch Die Hard, A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation or another holiday fave.
10.77% = 59 votes
Depends on how the day goes.
10.22% = 56 votes
Yeah, I'm all about Les Miserables.
4.74% = 26 votes
Maybe, although I'm not sure what I'd see.
2.74% = 15 votes
TOTAL VOTES = 548 votes

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