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The Matrix Ultimate Collection - TBA

TheDigitalBits is reporting a ten-disc release of The Matrix. Which is "mega" for you UK folks since it'll be hitting your shores before us silly Westerners get it first. Specs are below and click here for more details on each disc.


  • The Matrix (with all-new transfer & audio commentary)
  • The Matrix Revisited (the original version with behind-the-scenes footage)
  • Matrix Reloaded: Extended Version (new cut with 55 minutes of new footage inserted back into the film)
  • Matrix Reloaded Revisited (all new interviews, scene dissections and more)
  • Matrix Revolutions (original cut with audio commentaries)
  • Matrix Revolutions Revisited (a host of all-new extras)
  • The Animatrix
  • The Roots of the Matrix (3 hours of features)
  • The Burley Man Chronicles (the people behind The Matrix discuss their work)
  • The Zion Archive (a tour of Matrix design concepts, storyboards & drawings)

Is 55 more minutes of Reloaded completely necessary?

Agent Smith's case of flairing hemmroids reached an all new high.

Coffee & Cigarettes - September 21

Never did I think a film based on my diet would ever be made, and starring such colorful characters such as Iggy "The Godfather" Pop, members of the Wu-Tang Clan, Bill Murray, Meg and Jack White, Steve Buscemi, Alfred "Doc Ock" Molina, Tom Waits and a slew of other folks. But Jim Jarmusch has done just that. Thankfully this is coming out on DVD as it only played for about two days in my city.


  • Outtake with Bill Murray
  • Table Tops music video featuring "Midnight Jam" by the late great Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
  • Interview with Taylor Meade
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English DD5.1 Surround
  • English, French and Spanish subtitles

"One of these things, doesn't belong here..."

Diff'rent Strokes (S1): - September 14

My favorite TV show growing up; so much so, in fact, the ringer on my cell phone is the theme song, I once named my dog "The Gooch", and dressed up as Arnold for Halloween as a kid (all right, last year). But hey, it don't matter that you got, not a lot, so what?


  • All new interviews with Todd Bridges and Conrad Bain
  • Featurette about Gary Coleman
  • Audio commentary with writer Fred Rubin, whose credits during this season include "Prep School", "The Trial", and "Willis' Privacy"

Tell me Mr. Drummond wasn't nailing Mrs. Garrett. She's a slut, BONGGGGG!

Straw Dogs - October 19

Fans of Tarantino should really check out Sam Peckinpah's work, if you haven't done so already. This un-rated cut includes an additional minute on the standard theatrical runtime with no extras at all, which shouldn't deter you at all, as this movie holds up too damn well after all these years. An underrated classic.


Woody Allen Set: Woody's got a knack for making great films and banging underage asian girls. My hero! 7/6

Project Greenlight (S2): The Battle of Shaker Heights is the bomb, baby. Literally. 7/13

Starsky & Hutch: Moustaches should get co-star billing. Ron Burgundy would approve. 7/20

"What'chu talkin' bout, Snoop?"

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Friday the 13th, Iron Giant (SE), Van Helsing...




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