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A few notes to pass along to all JoBlo.com readers.

First of all, this summer's traffic on the site has been more than expected, so we will be moving our entire site to two servers later on this week, in order to improve site speed and performance. The move itself should not be felt, as it will be done "behind the scenes"

Second of all, some of you may have experienced particularly bizarre problems surfing our site over the past few days and those are related to certain ads running improperly (if certain pages weren't coming up quickly enough, weren't coming up at all, etc...) Again, this problem is being looked at right now and should be resolved very shortly.

Finally, we have been running a major revamp operation to the site over the past few months, a transformation which we hope will bring the site even greater ease of use, content, speed and movie love, as we take everything that has made JoBlo.com popular since its inception in 1998 and jack it up another 1000 notches or so. There is still a while to go for this process to be complete, but we will keep you in tune as the day approaches. I know "change" scares a lot of people, but trust me on this one...it's just gonna make things that much cooler and better around these parts. I'm buzzed.

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