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...check out the Trailer Park Boys!
by Indiana Sev

Being from the great white north, there arenít too many entertainment related products that weíre proud of as far as exportation to the United States goes. Weíve given you Mike Myers (and for this...we canít apologize enough) and that twit Celine Dion (the most annoying human being alive). Jim Carrey, the delicious Shania Twain and Sarah McLachlan have helped us save a bit of face, but there is still so much more we can do. Thatís where Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, J-Roc et al come in: The Trailer Park Boys!

This popular Canadian TV show follows the illegal misadventures of a couple of not-so-bright felons from an Atlantic Canadian (Nova Scotia) trailer park whoís main purpose revolves around getting stoned, getting drunk, making a quick buck and once in a while getting a hold of some damn good pepperoni. The trailer park supervisor, Mr. Lahey (or as heís often called: F*ck you Lahey!) is the main thorn in their sides as he tries to find purpose in his empty life after being fired from the real police force years ago. All these wacky happenings are taped as part of a documentary following these two ex-cons after their release. So most of the time, the boys from the trailer, as well as their accomplices and enemies, give their take on whatís going down straight into the camera, adding more reality and humor to the proceedings. There are three things you can always count on when it comes to The Trailer Park Boys:

  1. Julian will have a rum & coke in his hand in every scene, no matter what (yes, even when he's driving!)

  2. There will be an ample amount of pot, profanity, chicken fingers, gunfire, idiotic crimes and cheesy acting in almost every episode.

  3. Julian and Ricky will land their asses in jail at every seasonís end.

If you donít find any of that funny, then steer clear of these dudes.

The truth is that words canít really do justice to this show; you have to watch a couple of episodes to truly be touched by its brilliant and original humor. I promise youíll be addicted to it after just one showing. Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are now available on DVD and I canít urge you enough to pick them up.


Itís a shame that most Americans arenít able to see it, but the good news is that BBC America recently signed on to air the show on their network. Itís one small step for these loveable scofflaws so donít disappoint and make an appointment to regularly watch the series (CLICK HERE FOR SHOWTIMES). If the popularity of this show reaches the heights Iím hoping it does, weíll soon see these great Canucks on the big screen where they belong.

This is one Canadian product I can proudly stand by and endorse. Many a night, the JoBlo.com crew gathers in one of our basements and drinks (Julianís drink of choice, a rum & coke) and laughs the night away to a Trailer Park Boys marathon. I can only wish the same glorious fate to our American neighbors.

Being a fan of shows like OZ and THE SOPRANOS, I never thought a show could come along and top those two fine programs. Until the gang from the Sunnyvale Trailer Park stepped into my living roomÖ

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