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I've decided to set up your own personal little film fest of sorts. Make up a little trophy and give it to one of the ushers when you go see the winning film. Whatever you do, don't tell them I sent you. Click the images to check out the clips.

SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW has some of the coolest looking effects I've seen since I bought that pizza from the local hemp store. Trailer and 1 clip, opens September 17.

CATWOMAN has all the curves of a rap video back-up dancer and the fine odor of a six week old box of used kitty litter. Seriously, smell your screen. 1 clip, opens on July 30.

THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE is my pick for sleeper hit of the year. There's nothing like going out on a limb with a handful of Oscar winners and a wickedly awesome plot, eh? 2 clips, opens on July 30.

THE BOURNE SUPREMACY looks cool, even if it does seem like the exact same storyline of the first film. Which also lent itself to PAYBACK. 8 clips, opens on July 23.

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