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CON: Batman Begins



David Goyer

Cillian Murphy

The film stars:
Christian Bale
Morgan Freeman
Liam Neeson
Michael Caine
Katie Holmes
Gary Oldman
Cillian Murphy
Ken Watanabe
Tom Wilkinson

Release date:
June 17, 2005

This was quite a disappointing movie panel, especially when you consider the hype on the film, the fact that it’s actually a major comic book-based movie and the fact that Warner Bros had, thus far, done a great job of marketing the film to its fans. I was expecting, at least, one surprise guest, at least one surprise clip, or at the very least, the film’s teaser trailer, but was left with none of that, and a decent panel conversation with David Goyer, who despite coming off like a man who knows his shit when it comes to comics and movies, didn’t really open up in terms of the film’s plotline or the depths of its characters.

What was strangest about this panel was that it did feature a 1-minute clip of director Christopher Nolan and Battie himself, Christian Bale, speaking directly to the Comic Con audience via a videotaped message from London. And while Nolan appeared quite chipper and happy to apologize and wish the crowd his best, Bale (who I personally absolutely adore!), looked bored and seemingly angry to be there. His lines also felt forced. I'm not sure what happened here, but WB should never have let this tape show in front of this audience. Bale had me as Bruce Wayne until he showed seeming contempt for his fans here. Hopefully, I'm wrong and the lad was just having an "off day" or he was still "method" as Bruce Wayne and couldn't lighten up for the fans. All that to say, I was quite disappointing with this short panel, but did pick up some bits, all of which you read about below:

  • The film is likely to be wrapping around September 16th or so, and would ultimately end up being a 140-day shoot (approximately)

  • Cillian was asked about his interest in comics before the film and said that he was never really “into” them, but was sent a whole bunch of them by DC featuring his character of the Scarecrow, and read them all. He said that “fear” was a big part of his character, and he also discussed the physicality of fear, which is a focus in the film.

  • When asked about which Scarecrow costume Cillian would be wearing, both gentlemen said that they could not give that away (Editor’s note: Then why are you here?)

  • Goyer said that he was “excited” to have written an “origin” story (dating approximately 10 years before any of the other BATMAN movies) because he didn’t feel tied down to any of the other BATMAN films that way. He also said that there were elements of many BATMAN books in the movie, but none were taken outright. He mentioned BATMAN: YEAR ONE and Jeff Loeb’s stuff, but said that no specific plot elements were taken from Loebb, more of his “feel”, and that the film was much “bigger” than YEAR ONE.

  • Goyer re-iterated many times how Warner Brothers was 100% behind the creative team for this film, and allowed director Christopher Nolan to make all of his own creative decisions, and trusted them all the way. Goyer said that they “knew that we knew what we were doing”, so they trusted it in our hands.

  • When asked about why they had come to the Comic-Con to push the film, Goyer said that the Comic-Con had become the place to begin to mount a campaign for most any genre film nowadays, and that if they hadn’t shown up, it would have been a glaring omission (Editor’s note: Instead, the absence of the BATMAN BEGINS teaser turned out to be the glaring omission)

  • When asked about a sequel to this film, Goyer said that despite this film ending quite “satisfactorily”, the conclusion certainly lent itself to a follow-up, for anyone who was interested. He currently wasn’t writing (or hired to write) the sequel just yet. He also said that he doubted Nolan would want to hear anything about that right now, since he was knee-deep in BATMAN BEGINS as we speak.

  • When asked about the film’s title, Goyer revealed that BATMAN: THE INTIMIDATION GAME was never an option (just a rumor), but that he had come up with BATMAN: THE BEGINNING, which Nolan had tweaked to BATMAN BEGINS, which Goyer also thought was perfect.

  • Goyer was in pre-production for BLADE 3 when Nolan himself called to ask him to write the BATMAN script. Goyer wanted to, and even discussed his ideas with the director, but said that he simply didn’t have the time to do it. Nolan kept calling him until he accepted and Goyer says that he was glad that he did.

  • Inevitably, a fan stood up and asked Goyer how we should trust Warner Brothers, the same studio that came out with CATWOMAN? Goyer was honest and said that it was a “fair question” and that Nolan was a great filmmaker and would not let the fans down.

  • Another fan stood up and praised the film to this point, but said that he was hesitant about the Batmobile, which looked way too much like a “tractor”. Goyer, once again, said that he understood the comment, but that they always approached elements of the sort from the story’s point of view, and what purpose it would serve in the story. He said that we would all “understand” once we saw the film, and that it was “very cool”.

  • Asked about his opinion on the recent hiring of X-MEN director Bryan Singer as the helmer of the next SUPERMAN movie, Goyer said, “My opinion of the new SUPERMAN team is…thank God! I’m really excited about him being on the film.”


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