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CON: Alien vs Predator



Sanaa Lathan
Lance Henriksen
Alec Gillis
Tom Woodruff Jr.

The film stars:
Sanaa Lathan
Lance Henriksen
Ewen Bremner
Raoul Bova
Tommy Flanagan

Release date:
August 13, 2004

I am anticipating the release of AVP, like a “john” yearning to paint the fence with his fire hose. I personally love and respect Paul Anderson’s work. He has a “now” sensibility and a stylish visual flair that warms my Joystick the right way. With that in mind, I entered the AVP panel with high expectations and I came out of it one happy fanboy.

Granted, Paul Anderson wasn’t on hand to greet us, and that in itself was a disappointment but a certain Lance Henriksen showed up. Even though Lance seemed a tad “out of it” during this panel, his classy presence was much appreciated by this Lance nut. And did you see the guy’s impeccable tan! I wonder if he goes to “Salon”! The highlights of this presentation were the two clips that were tossed our way. Let me break them down for ya.

Clip 1: Here we had Lance Henriksen (Charles Bishop Weyland) briefing his crew about their upcoming Pyramid hunting mission in the Antarctic. Lance was on the ball acting wise and the setting kind of reminded me of the Military hangar in ALIENS. My only beef with this small clip was that I saw enough of Sanaa Lathan to know that apart from her cleavage, she might not do much for me in the film. I can’t put my “Pulse Rifle” on it but she just came across as “blah”, nothing special. In my, opinion we need a highly charismatic female, one that will bring something above par to the screen if she’s to be the lead heroine in an “Alien” or even a “Predator” flick (yes…like Sigourney Weaver). She didn’t bring “jack-all” that was standout in terms of presence to this clip. Having said that maybe it was just that one scene and Sanaa will blow my Pop Tarts away when I see the whole film. I’m keeping an open mind.

Clip 2:  This 4-minute clip was so amazing! It had a feisty “Alien” battle it out with a relentless “Predator” while a couple of humans were stuck in the middle of the fiasco.  I yelped like a rabid Hyena throughout this exhilarating reel. What a rumble! The Alien used its spring-jaw to attack the Predator, the Alien jumped on top of the Predator and stabbed him with its agile pointy tail, the slick angles were abundant and the slow motion “money shot” of the Predator throwing the Alien to the ground like a rag doll was astounding. WOW! I was all smiles! The only minor complaint that I have about the fist to cuff was that the Predator didn’t feel like an alien to me in his movements, he felt like a man in a suit. Minor peeve aside, if the film itself contains at least 5 more scenes like the one that was shown here…IT'S ALL CHESTBURSTER GOOD!

Furthermore we were given some info via the guests on this panel, here’s what stuck with me.

  • Lance said that he was too excited to stay seated so he got up and told us the plot of the film. Although I did buy his enthusiasm, I think he got up to be able to read the synopsis that he had on his desk better. Sneaky Lance…real sneaky…I saw that shit bro!

  • Sanaa Lathan said that her character was solely reminiscent of Ripley in the fact that both women are strong females. Other than that, they are totally different characters with Sanaa having a much bigger pair of hooters.

  • Sanaa Lathan put out there that she finds the Predator creature to be a hottie; she digs the dreads…okay…I think the alien is sexier, I dig the suction heavy jaw…to each his/her own…

  • Ian Ripley plays the Lead Predator and Tom Woodruff Jr. insisted on playing the Lead Alien again like he did in Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection.

  • The effects are 70 percent practical and 30 percent CGI.

  • They often used CGI to enhance the practical effects.

  • It was said that Paul Anderson believed that rooting the film in reality within its fantastic premise would make the beastie team-up work.

  • It seems that the Alien Queen will blow our McNuggets! The look of the gal somewhat changed from how she looked in ALIENS and ALIEN 4 but that was due to today’s technology being more advanced. The Queen plays a bigger part in AVP than she did in the previous films and we’ll see her move like we never did before via CPU Motion Control. I can’t wait!

  • When asked why it took so long for AVP to happen, it was said that they wanted to do it “right”. Anderson’s concept blew Producer Jon Davis away and finally set the long awaited match-up into motion.

  • We’ll get some references to Predator Part One and Two in AVP. I can’t wait to see what they are! Please let it be that Carl Weathers comes back with one arm as George Dillon… APOLLO!

  • The look of the Predator’s space ship in Predator 2 largely inspired the look of AVP’s sets in terms of design.

  • The Predator’s extensive weaponry was jacked up for AVP; expect lots of new goodies!

  • Sanaa Lathan was asked if she’d ever consider playing STORM in X Men 3; she answered that she never really though about it.

  • A nearby sitting fan asked movie webmaster JoBlo if he still had a huge man-crush on Vin Diesel...the answer was a resonating “yes”.


Source: JoBlo.com



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