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CON: The Devil's Rejects



Rob Zombie
Sheri Moon Zombie
Sid Haig
Bill Moseley
Wayne Toth
Ken Foree
Leslie Esterbrook
Brian Posehn

The film stars:
Sheri Moon Zombie
Sid Haig
Bill Moseley
Ken Foree

Release date:
To Be Determined 2005

I adored Rob Zombie’s HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES. It was actually my number 1 film of 2003. So it was with big bells on that I sat in this panel for the sequel THE DEVILS' REJECTS. Everybody on hand was in fine form, with Rob, Sid, Bill and Ken in particular being the more vocal and animated.

Man, I love these people. They seem so down to earth and obviously enjoyed working together. THE DEVIL'S REJECTS came across as: a daring, balls to the walls, gritty-nitty quality filled project. I am so looking forward to this flick and the fact that Zombie is taking the same characters but slapping them in a totally different type of film than the original, jacked up my excitement level even more. We’re not going to get the same whole thing with this sequel; strap on your bunny suits and expect something fresh. We were actually shown a small clip from the flick (yes, Zombie, you are a class act) and here’s the scoop on it:

CLIP: This clip had Otis (Bill Moseley), Baby (Sheri Moon) and Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig) looking beyond disheveled, walking down a deserted dirt road with guns in hand. They stroll towards the camera in slow motion while an Almond Brothers song kicks in the background. The feel was all road film/western; polar opposite of the surreal and uber-stylized look of the first film. I dug it the most! The clip definitely reinforced that we’re in for a very different type of flick than the original and I’m all for that. Looking good, Rob!

Read on for some really groovy info that was revealed throughout the panel:

  • They finished filming the film 2 weeks and half ago.

  • Rob said that the shoot was a very pleasant one as opposed to the first one, which was hell.

  • This sequel is supposedly darker and more serious than the original. Rob went to say that the performances are astounding; he didn’t know his cast had it in them to take it that far.

  • Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead original) plays Captain’s Spaulding brother (brothers from a different mother) and his part is far from heroic.

  • Three’s Company alumni Priscilla Barnes (yes, that hot nurse Terry) is in the film.

  • Tom Towles from the original comes back in this sequel even though he died in the first flick. Do I smell flashback? You bet I do!

  • Michael J. Pollard (who appeared in the original) is not in the film. Actually, Rob initially wanted the whole cast from the first film to appear in this sequel via flashbacks but he didn’t do it due to lack of time.

  • The film has no music attached to it and Rob has no interest in providing the soundtrack to it like he did for the first one. Why not? The HOATC CD owned!

  • Rob expects problems with the MPAA in terms of the rating for The Devil’s Rejects.

  • The character of Otis (Bill Moseley) goes further in this sequel in terms of “sex crimes’. He has one of those said scenes with Priscilla Barnes and its supposed to be extremely   nasty. Doing the scene actually got to Moseley and everybody else who was on set. It upset them! Yup, it was that harsh!

  • Sid Haig (Captain Spaulding) and ex-porn Star Ginger Lynn Allen (Fanny) get hot and heavy together in the flick. It seems that the first AD left the set where he couldn’t stomach watching the raunchy scene between the two.

  • Devil’s Rejects will be the last House of a 1000 Corpses movie according to Rob (unless it breaks bank, of course).

  • The makeup for Tiny and Doctor Satan will be different than it was in the first film with a stronger axis towards realism.

  • We find out if Tiny “really’ fucked a stump in the opening of The Devil’s Rejects.

  • Sid Haig said that he let the natural a-hole in him come out, making his performance as The Captain much more grittier than it was in the first film.

  • Leslie Esterbrook initially auditioned for the Priscilla Barnes role. When Rob saw her go at it he said to himself; “If Karen Black bails; I’ll cast her as Mother Firefly”. Black wound up not doing the film (she wanted more dough I heard) and Easterbrook was cast in the part. She supposedly gives the role a different spin; she makes it her own.

  • Sheri Moon does the “Baby” laugh once in this sequel. It's at the end of act 2 where all the characters lose their marbles.

  • The character of Otis is the one that stays the truest to his persona in the first film but he doubles up on killing, getting his ass kicked and fucking.

  • By the end of the flick, Moseley’s beard was so long that they dubbed him The Passion of the Otis.

  • In the first film, Bill Moseley wore “brown” contact lenses at the request of Zombie, in this sequel he was allowed to showcase his blue eyes.

  • Ken Foree’s character is a cokehead, an acid freak, has a thing for Pork Rhines, fucking chickens and owns a “whore ranch”. Yes, he’s playing… me.

  • The Devil’s Rejects rough-cut is three hours long. Good luck in the editing room Rob! DAMN!

  • Rob Zombie has no new albums on the horizon.

  • Rob doesn’t want to go back to re-edit the first HOATC into his director’s cut; he wants to move forward. Having said that, he admitted that he probably will go back to it anyway.

  • Lions Gate was 100% supportive during the shoot. They left them alone as opposed to Universal who always showed up on set with stacks of notes as to where the film should go.

  • Rob’s next flick will not really be a horror movie.

  • There are no good guys in Devil’s Rejects but some of the characters in the film are so kool that you wind up sympathizing with them anyway.

  • Leslie Esterbrook said that even amidst the madness in the film, the love and affection that these psychos have for each other will touch us and make us care about them.

  • Moseley admitted that he found himself having tender moments within the film which evoked a “What the fuck?” from him.

  • The violence will affect us more since we’ll care more for the characters.

  • The flick was shot in 30 days with a more experienced crew than the one that tackled the first film. Zombie often shot with 3 to 4 cameras running at the same time to capture a documentary like feel.

  • There will be a House of 1000 Corpses “The Simpson” parody hitting Comic Book stands in October of 2004. It will be called House of a 1000 Donuts and Crusty the Clown will be Captain Spaulding.

  • When asked what good films they saw recently, Sheri Moon uttered HAUTE TENSION (great choice!) and Rob Zombie agreed with her.


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