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Trey Parker
Matt Stone

The film stars:
Trey Parker
Matt Stone

Release date:
October 15, 2004

All around gnarly dudes Trey Parker and Matt Stone were obviously pooped when they showed up for this panel to promote their live action puppet movie “Team America”. Props to these guys for ignoring their obvious exhaustion to answer our questions.  Double props to these guys for not resorting to large amounts of cocaine to keep their energy level up (or maybe they pulled a Scarface backstage; how the heck would I know). This wacky presentation had the whole room in stitches as clips and info was slapshot our way. Here’s what I got out of it!

Teaser Trailer: The teaser trailer was mucho amusing! You see it was edited like a big summer action movie with names of the likes of Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon and George W. Bush popping up on the screen as if they starred in it. The last quote said: “…Will hate this movie”. Some Puppet action then rolled on and the title surfaced. Looks like fun…

Check out this trailer online now

Clip 1: This first clip took place in France where a Bin Laden look-alike and his goons were plotting to blow the place up. Of course “Team America” arrived in their chopper and a massive action scene ensued with the hero puppets taking care of the villain puppets in creative “heavy artillery” ways. You just can’t go wrong watching puppets fire guns, fist fighting (I was on the floor) while a “maquette” version of France burns. Slap the bong my way when this flick comes out! What a hoot!

Clip 2: The other clip had Kim Jong Il getting a visit by a UN snoop who’s looking for weapons of mass destruction (should’ve looked in Jong’s Levis). The fact that Kim Jong II cussed like a sailor and sounded like Cartman was enough to have me giggling like a helium junkie. Fun stuff!

Matt and Trey then gave this up…

  • The boys said that they didn’t want to work with actors anymore since they’re so difficult. But after having worked with puppets for so long, they’re changing their minds where it took everything to get the puppets to perform. For example, succeeding in having one puppet take a sip off a glass of scotch was a challenge of epic proportions.

  • None of the puppet effects involved CGI; they were all practical, “Thunderbirds” style.

  • They sent some early footage from the shoot to Paramount. The reel started with a fake tacky puppet beginning. Paramount flipped until they saw the rest of the reel which revealed that the tacky puppets were actually puppets pulled by the real “and groovy looking” puppets.  Get it? Get it?

  • They’ve been working on the film for two years and half, on and off. Pulling a juggling act with their South Park duties.

  • Their aim with Team America was to put out a parody of Bruckheimer like flicks that at the same time happens to be a light musical…with puppets. Yeah, bitch!

  • They’re won’t be a South park The Movie Part 2 for a while where the boys are content solely working on the South park TV show for now. The new South Park season kicks in October!

  • The South Park kids won’t graduate anymore in the shows. They started at third grade, and then went to 4th grade, that didn’t work so now they’re back at third grade…and will stay there.

  • The boys still have no idea as to what the middle section of Team America will be about.

  • The Orgazmo DVD will hit the racks soon! They mentioned that it’s the last movie they did before becoming Hollywood Douche Bags…. I agree!

  • Their TV Show “That’s my Bush” was cancelled due to costing too much dough. They had a choice, cancel “Bush” or “South Park”. They nipped the “Bush” in the bud. “Insert own vagina quip here”

  • Matt and Trey did “That’s my Bush” because they hate sitcoms; hey, it’s a valid enough reason to me! Sitcoms blow!


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