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C'mon Hollywood #8


...gimme Leah Remini on the big screen!
by Indiana Sev

Iím not much of a couch potato, that is to say I hardly watch any TV at all, save for a couple of Seinfeld repeats a day, playoff hockey and a few of the quality HBO shows Iíve come to love over the years. Iím a movie buff first and all of the reality-TV trash on the tube lately makes me want to puke. But, there is a lovely lady presently starring on The King of Queens with the great Kevin James that makes me tune in on a regular basis and watch the sitcom. Sheís one of the sexiest and sauciest TV wives Iíve ever seen and this spitfireís name is Leah Remini. Sheís a talented little cutie with equal amounts of the silly and the serious and Iíve been wondering lately why the f*ck sheís not being cast in Hollywood movies!!

Címon Hollywood...fire up your remotes and watch this beauty strut her womanly goodness on the small screen. Then, flip through those scripts on your desk and try your damndest to call this hellcat in on as many auditions as you possibly can. For Christís sake, since 1996, the only films sheís been in are the poor manís DAZED AND CONFUSED ŗ GLORY DAZE (starring a young and hopeful Ben Affleck) and a bit part in the Ferrell/Vaughn/Wilson laugh-fest OLD SCHOOL. Do you guys realize how many frustrated and horny young adult fans of Leahís are out there just dreaming of the day this vixen starts oozing her sex appeal on the silver screen? Iím one of them. Oh, and there are also around 10-15 million college students who saw her picture spreads in Stuff and FHM magazine who are already standing in line at the box office anticipating her promotion to the big leagues. So, letís get a move on, okay?

Granted, Leah was ďpreggersĒ a while back (a look, by the way, that I openly admit to have found incredibly sexy), and that may have been a factor in her not being able to commit to any major projects; but sheís had her little baby now and sheís ready to get back on my horse, uhhhm...I meant, the horse. Thank God I regularly get a good dose of this goddess on the late night talk show circuit with the only host that has the sense, charm, wit and humor to handle this yummy minx  Ė Iím talking of course about the one and only Craig Kilborn (who incidentally also lent his talents to OLD SCHOOL). So, whatís the goddamn hold-up already? Is it her agent? Her manager? Or is it some of you Hollywood producers out there who donít think she has what it takes to make menís hearts go a flutter in the latest romantic comedy youíre attempting to cast?

Well, sheís got what it takes and then some...trust me! Trust yourselves for the sake of all thatís good and right in this world and add this deliciously underused half-Italian firecracker to your next cast, be it a drama, comedy or (preferably) erotic thriller. The money will come pouring into the box office if her role is big enough and if there are at least one or two tasteful money-shots as well. This is like betting on Seabiscuit, itís a sure thing! So put your money down on Leah Remini and see your winnings come inÖ

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