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Excl: Saw poster #1


After a couple of very cool teaser trailers, a couple of very cool teaser posters, a nifty website entitled www.howf*ckedup.net, we've been chosen as one of the three websites to present the three groovy exclusive "letter" posters for the upcoming horror spectacle entitled SAW. Check out the "S" poster below, then click here to check out the "A" poster over at IGN Filmforce and click here to check out the "W" poster over at chud.com.

Sometimes I talk out of my ass when I'm touting a film that simply "looks good" (when you haven't seen a movie, you can only provide your opinion on what you see as it moves along), but in the case of SAW, I finally got the chance to see it in San Diego last week and let me tell you, folks...it's as f*cked up as its trailers make it out to be. I don't like to compare too many films to David Fincher's great SE7EN, but this movie reminded me of that picture, only a lot more messed up. One of my favorite movies of the year so far...a definite must see for anyone who enjoys films of the sort. By the way, it's recently been moved up for an October 1st release date, so update your calendars, round up your girlfriend and bring plenty of puke buckets...fun times...



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