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Con Photo Gallery #3


By now, some of you have certainly read all, most or none of our SAN DIEGO COMIC CON coverage reports (check out the links below if you haven't, you bitch!), so consider this the final piece of our trip, the 5th annual JoBlo.com Californi-ay Photo Gallery (see previous galleries here: Year One / Year Two / Year Three / Year Four).

There are 3 pages worth of pics this year, so make sure to click through all of them (if you give a shit, that is), since we've got some nice ones going on this year including those of/with Tom Cruise, Guillermo del Toro, Naomi Watts, the Hulk, Jennifer Tilly's boobs, us drunk (natch), Stormtroopers galore, Frank Miller, George Lucas kicking my ass and many more. It was yet another fun year on the West Coast...kudos to all the cool peeps with whom we hung, spoke and drank...and hope that you all enjoyed the coverage as well.

Alien Vs. Predator / Batman Begins / Blade: Trinity / Boo & Cemetery Gates / Constantine / The Devil's Rejects / Donnie Darko (Director's Cut) / Fantastic Four / Friday the 13th / The Grudge / Hellboy (DVD) / Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle / The Incredibles / Open Water / Resident Evil: Apocalypse / Riding the Bullet / Saw / Seed of Chucky / Shaun of the Dead / Sin City / Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow / Star Wars: Episode III / Team America

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There's not much more that I can say about director Guillermo del Toro. The man gave us directions to some of the coolest L.A. shopping spots for comics, toys, dvds and the like. That's just a cool guy.

That's right, two for two. BLADE 2 and next up...HELLBOY 2.

Ladies and gentlemen....Tom Cruise!!!

On our first day off, we decided to get away from all of the movie coverage, by visiting Universal Studios Hollywood. Doh!!!

Alright, so I'm one of the few people in the world who thought the HULK movie was actually pretty good....got a problem with that?

Holy shit, Batman....!

Me re-enacting my love-life.

The Arrow pretending to be the Punisher pretending to be the Terminator pretending to be a horror webmaster with a rag on his head.

The Arrow looking for alcohol wherever he can...

You've seen the PSYCHO house a zillion times before, but here it is again...why? Because I'm bored.

So we're taking the Universal lot tour, right? And they tell us that they're filming THE RING 2 there, right? And then I see this lady sitting by the side of one of the sets...yup, yup...the lovely Naomi Watts!

Yeah, that's us acting like shared beeyatches in the second to last row. I swear it felt like a 90-degree drop, yo!

The Arrow bet me that I couldn't take the JURASSIC PARK ride again and hold my thumb up while we were barreling down the steep final drop. Look closely and you will see my thumb up. Look even closer and you will see something else "up" as well.

The great Steven Spielberg once said that he "loved" our site and as much as I've milked that comment by the legendary director, I also took a moment to prop his autograph at Universal Studios. Sadly, it will likely be the closest that I will ever get to the man in real life.

My first time on the Disney lot. Kewl.

Me hanging with THE INCREDIBLES. Sweet.

We also spent a day and a half in San Francisco...sort of...

My lame attempt at resembling my site's logo in any way, shape or form. Didn't work. George Michael still has dibs on it.

Look mom, there's a monster living in my jeans. Call the cops.

Fuck off, the Arrow doesn't want to be disturbed....

Fuck off, I don't want to be disturbed.

Gotta update the site...must work until the wee hours...must get laid at some point, too...

A nice fuck you. A man hungover. And hot dogs.

Can we go home now?

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