4th Fast & Furious

I'm one of those guys that just doesn't give a flying squirrel about cars. I drive one, but I don't care what rims, paint job or spoiler it has, if it gets me from one place to another, then I'm happy. Maybe that's why I never really got into the whole THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS thing. But the fact of the matter is the movies make a ton of money. Ostensibly standards haven't really slipped much, still the same action, same high-powered cars, same hot broads standing around the cars for no apparent reason, but when you break it down, you realise that by the third film the franchise has lost Paul Walker and Vin Diesel and gained Lil Bow Wow.

To this end, it's reported that Chris Morgan (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT) has been hired to pen the fourth in the series. It's got to the point now where if you slap the words 'Fast' and 'Furious' on a picture of a flashy car people are going to flood the cinemas, so this looks like basically a win-win. LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD has forced me to have faith in the fourth installments of a franchise and who knows, maybe if Vin Diesel (who needs a hit) can be persuaded to come back, maybe the movie will be something.
Extra Tidbit: If Nathalie Kelley is back, I'm THERE.
Source: Moviehole



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