50 Cent has no Regret

50 Cent, Danny Huston, Kelli Garner and John Ortiz will star in the upcoming drama SPECTACULAR REGRET. Making his feature directorial debut on the project is Joshua Leonard who you might remember as "Josh" from THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (he was the one with the camera). The film will star Fitty as a death row inmate whose impending execution sparks controversy. Huston, Garner and Ortiz will play Californians "struggling to overcome past events." What that means remains to be seen but it sounds to me like something CRASH-esque, which is an adjective that sends shivers up my spine. The indie drama will film this summer in Los Angeles. Huston is currently filming WOLVERINE in Australia while 50 has the Robert De Niro/Al Pacino thriller RIGHTEOUS KILL on the way. Garner can be seen in the Tim Allen comedy THE SIX WIVES OF HENRY LEFAY and Ortiz is currently filming FAST AND THE FURIOUS 4, which hasn't come up with its catchy sequel name yet (FAST AND THE FOURIOUS?).

Extra Tidbit: Leonard was only paid $500 for BLAIR WITCH.
Source: Variety



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