500 best of all-time

A few months back Empire Magazine asked me to participate in an upcoming issue that would attempt to list the Top 500 movies of all-time. It wasn't easy to come up with a list and I usually eschew these kinds of lists but it was something of an honor to be asked and I felt like the least I could do was come up with my list. The final 500 are online now and I won't do you the disservice of ruining what came in at numero uno, but I will show you my list and let you know where my choices came in. Were it not for PT Anderson I would've had all my picks in the Top 100 but THERE WILL BE BLOOD (#144) and BOOGIE NIGHTS (#152) kinda screwed me. Otherwise I had six of my Top 10 in the Empire Top 10 but their number one isn't even on my list at all. I tried to answer the list as honestly as possible and not allow any other considerations (such as being underrated or needing to vote for an action movie) into my thinking. These are just (at least as of when I submitted the list) my favorite movies. I'm sure you'll have different ones. Check out the full Empire 500 and share with us below what you think you would have (or did) vote for.

Extra Tidbit: How is BOOGIE NIGHTS only #152??
Source: Empire



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