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C'mon Hollywood #11


...more hockey movies, dammit!
by Indiana Sev

Iím Canadian. A Canuck if you will. Iíd even settle to be called a "hoser" on a good day. This automatically makes me a hockey fan. Iím also a lover of movies, which is why it pains me so much when both my loves canít ever seem to mesh well together on the big screen. Or rarely do.

Baseball movies are released regularly and 75% of the time, they turn out to be damn good. Often times theyíre brilliant. Just pick up FIELD OF DREAMS and BULL DURHAM and youíll see what I mean (in fact, almost any Kevin Costner film will rock...but thatís another article for another day). Football and basketball movies also seem to pop up on a consistent basis at the local Multiplex. So, I say, címon Hollywood...give us more hockey movies!

I know, I know, televised hockey (or "ice hockey" as some down south still call it) gets lower ratings than monster truck pulls in some parts of the U.S, so why should Tinseltown bother making more movies about the sport, right? Well, my contention is that itís for that exact reason that they should! We all know the influence Hollywood movies have on the public and by churning out more hockey on film, the more itíll whet the movie-going audiences appetites for it. I mean, weíre going to need more than two movies every ten years (MYSTERY, ALASKA & MIRACLE) to get peopleís cinematic juices flowing on the sport.

Oh, and please, donít give me the argument that the 2002 Stephen Baldwin straight-to-video hockey opus SLAPSHOT 2: BREAKING THE ICE counts, because it doesnít. In fact, any Stephen Baldwin movie doesnít count as a legitimate film anymore, but once again, thatís another article for another dayÖ

My point is, MIRACLE proved that there is a place for more hockey films in Hollywood (Domestic Box-Office Gross: $64.4 million) and I think itís a venture worth looking into more seriously. Sure, once in a while, there will be a clunker like YOUNGBLOOD thatíll set us back a little, but thatís the case with any sport movie. Case in point: ED.

Oh, and in case Iíve managed to convince an exec or two with my arguments here, JoBlo and I have concocted a little hockey comedy script ourselves and weíd be very pleased to whore it out to anyone who wants a little taste of what weíve come up with. Itís called THE MISADVENTURES OF JOHNNY POQUE and you have our word that weíll keep Stephen Baldwin as far away from the project as humanly possibleÖ Thanks.

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